50 Best Movies to be watched for Halloween (Spooky Halloween Guide)

The Scariest Horror Movies to Watch Right Now
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To hold onto immortality, they have to take the life of a child, and the three kids who accidentally resurrected them are doing all they can to stop the witches from returning Salem to the way it was when they first lived. This over-the-top comedy has witchcraft, black cats, and lots of laughs, and it's sure to make your Halloween a blast! Chloe Grace Moretz's movie looks so creepy, and so good.

Chloe plays an outcast named Carrie who is confronted with the meanest of mean girls. But she gets her revenge using telepathic powers. Jack Skellington the voice of Chris Sarandon , the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, becomes bored with the town's namesake holiday, which the townspeople prepare all year for. When he accidentally finds himself in Christmas Town, he decides to take over the holiday and kidnap Santa. He doesn't do the holiday quite right, though — Jack's Christmas involves shrunken heads as toys and skeletal reindeer.

With all of these scary additions, this Christmas story is also a fun Halloween tale! A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft, and they all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who even slightly anger them. It's like a more creepy version of Mean Girls. When it comes time for Chris to meet his girlfriend's parents, he's a little nervous how they'll react to their daughter dating a black man. Although at first her fam seems perfectly cool and polite, Chris soon realizes he shouldn't have just been nervous about meeting this family — he should have been dead scared.

The family has a dark secret that could cost Chris his life. This movie isn't only a scary AF movie — it's also an on point commentary on race relations in America today. After dying in a car crash, the ghosts of Adam and Barbara Maitland are informed that they have to remain in their house for years. This is fine, until their house is sold to a family they can't stand. The Maitlands love their beautiful home — and they don't want the yuppie Deetz family living in it! The couple hires freelance bio-exorcist Beetle Juice to scare the Deetzes away Adam and Barbara just aren't scary enough ghosts themselves!

You might want to keep the lights on when watching Halloween —it's seriously scary! It's about a murder who killed his brother and sister when he was little, so he was institutionalized. But then he escapes and starts stalking someone. Told ya it was scary!

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Night Shyamalan film with a shocking final twist. As the anxieties of high school life build, Carrie comes to find that she has, uh, special powers. Still the remake is worth a watch. Get Out If you like gore and just about every other disgusting and grim thing you can dream up in your worst nightmares, then here you go. A deaf writer who lives a solitary life in the woods finds herself fighting against a masked killer who invades her home.

They're creepy and they're kooky, they're all together kookie Gomez Addams, head of the Addams family, tells his lawyer, Tully, that he has not spoken to his brother, Fester, in many years. When a loan shark demands that Tully pay her, her son poses as Fester in an attempt to break into the Addams family's vault.

However, it's difficult for the Fester-impostor to fit in with the Addams. Their home is full of dark magic, and the Addams find it equally hard to adapt to the outside world when they are forced out of their home. If Wednesday played by Christina Ricci , the disturbed Addams daughter, doesn't creep you out, then Thing who's just a hand definitely will! Type keyword s to search.

The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Today's Top Stories. What Religion is BTS? Here are the best horror movies for Halloween Aviron Pictures. The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Ranked: The 50 Best Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

Hell Fest. Truth or Dare. Amazon Studios. Suspiria The Haunting of Hill House Would You Rather Focus Features.

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ParaNorman Don't Look Under The Bed Paranormal Activity Columbia Pictures. Zombieland Toei Company. Battle Royale A Quiet Place Coraline The Haunted Mansion Death Note TriStar Pictures.

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Matilda Sony Pictures Animation. Hotel Transylvania Invisible Sister Twitches Halloweentown Dimension Films.

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Scream Hocus Pocus Screen Gems. Carrie Touchstone Pictures. The Nightmare Before Christmas The Craft Blumhouse Productions. Amazon , YouTube.

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The original vampire. A terrific Swedish film about a young boy who befriends a vampire girl in the s. The American remake is surprisingly good as well. Hulu , Amazon. Netflix , YouTube. Three students head into the woods with a camera to document the legend of a local witch. Some viewers thought it was a real documentary when it first came out.

15 Halloween Movies For Wimps

50 Best Movies to be watched for Halloween (Spooky Halloween Guide) eBook: SHG: oqyqeqyk.ga: Kindle Store. The quintessential Halloween film for me growing up. I watch it . This is the only entry to the franchise Ive seen multiple times. Trick 'r Treat.

My favorite horror movie of the decade : the story of a Puritan family in s New England banished to the wilderness, where they encounter an unpleasant interloper. A bold, bewitching, downright strange remake of the Dario Argento cult classic. So good, they had to redo it 10 more times.

The recent reboot made a gazillion dollars at the box office. Amazon , iTunes. This one could probably fit in a few different categories. A gorgeous and terrifying nightmare in a mysterious uninhabited biome, based on the wonderful book by Jeff Vandermeer.

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It still holds up, 45 years later.