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According to Fubel, the agencies had carried out recruitment tours through the armament industry since in order to source suitable candidates for their application and acceptance examinations. Furthermore, the agencies advertised camp guarding positions to job seekers.


In many cases, the conscription for guards Dienstverpflichtung occurred after the application of the candidate, thereby primarily serving, according to Fubel, to release the applicant from existing work duties. Recruited personnel were educated in National Socialist ideology weltanschauliche Schulung and given weapons and uniforms. Despite personnel changes in Berlin-Haselhorst, violence and bad living conditions defined the daily experience of the inmates.

The behavior of the guards recruited through the prescription to labor service did not, according to Fubel, differ from that of regular SS-personnel towards the prisoners. She further pointed out that the motivation of camp personnel who applied on their own initiative cannot be conclusively established from available sources.

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Bonnesoeur showed that the camp, opened on the 21 st March in an abandoned brewery by the local SA chapter , was actively supported by the majority of city council members, primarily for economic reasons. The city administration set up contracts securing the supplying of the camp by local businesses, and provided financial loans to the SA for the establishment and expansion of the camp. To ensure repayment of these loans, local administrators of the building inspectorate organized forced labor of inmates in areas of the city and surrounding communities within the context of a work-provision program funded by the state.


Moderation am Beispiel eines Workshops (German Edition) [Christian Wandtke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Studienarbeit aus dem. Moderation am Beispiel eines Workshops: "Der gemeinsame Weg als Erfolgschance für eine erfolgreiche Zukunft" (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Christian.

Bonnesoeur concluded that the example of Oranienburg showed that local actors from political and economic sectors played an active part in supporting and advancing both the construction of the concentration camp as well in organizing the forced labor of its inmates. From 30 June to 9 July , around 9. Klacsmann emphasized the crucial role of Hungarian authorities in the establishment, administration and guarding of the camp. Thereafter, she focused on the reactions of the Gentile surrounding population to the violent occurrences in their city.

IFSH Newsletter February – April 12222

Their behavior, according to Klacsmann, ranged from passivity, collaboration and help for the Jewish victims. In examining behavior of Jewish inmates, she uncovered examples of organized self-help as well as co-perpetration.

The camp was founded in on Jewish initiative by the Slovakian interior ministry in the town of Sered. Between March and September , before its takeover by the SS in , the work camp Sered was also used as a transit camp.

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Even though women were part of the labor force in Sered, they were amongst others excluded from its political underground organization. Sered remained a male-dominated world rather than being a newly ordered society, in which women were restricted to their pre-war gender roles of daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives. National Socialist camps were not ahistoric places and thus, their research must take place with eye to the society from which they were established.