Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election

Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election book. Happy reading Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election Pocket Guide. This is the premise of the entire book. Warren Kinsella opposed Meech. Kinsella is an investigative journalist at heart: who used his talents to get dirty to help his candidates. Negative ads work, Kinsella is nasty with a cause. Kinsella does not deny that people that he hates in return hate him. For Kinsella, loyalty is everything. He will go down the campaign and defend his friends viciously. Anyone who breeches his trust cannot be trusted. Campaign managers must impose order upon chaos. Campaigns are a mishmash of emotions, egos and ambitions that are sometimes too big, and budgets, resource and timetables too small.

Campaigns need money. It is the core of a successful effort. Campaigns need to be structured with the manager-type, media person, head policy wonk, the fundraiser, the volunteer coordinator and the war room director. A campaign should have a calendar of events, with a linear plan of action. Campaigns must understand their candidate. Paul Martin was foolish in being all things to all people, for example more on him later.

Campaigns need detailed records of what the opposition have said. Opposition research is about scrutinizing the public record. Stockwell Day supported a flat-tax, for example more on him later. Campaigns need The Message. Campaigns need to plan for contingencies. Emotions defeat reason in politics. Carville had an interesting career. Demeaning your opponent in a funny way is extremely effective.

Market, media, and citizen-consumers

Fredriksson Eds. This meant that the Conservative Party had to ensure that the diffusion of its messages was clearly directed toward voters, and furthermore that its messages were structured concisely, that they were easy to understand, and that they were communicated as efficiently as possible. We lack a presence in an electoral arena whose rules in any case virtually guarantee our total marginalization. McGuinty was seen as wooden and patrician—a man who could barely coax a smile from his pursed lips. After battling prostate cancer and recovering from hip surgery with the help of crutches, Jack had two additional people to whom he was going to listen: his doctors and Olivia. Cancel Forgot your password?

Carville believes that strategy is hard and tactics are easy. Priests, politicians, marketers and anyone desiring tangible societal change use spin. There is no spin in totalitarian regimes. Only democratic countries allow spin. It is an agent of good. It engages people. Spin is not sin because it an essential attribute of the democratic process. Numbers are cold and do not stimulate an emotional response. Facts tell but stories sell. Reagan was the Great Communicator because he could tell a powerful story.

Communication in a deliberately unsophisticated, uncomplicated way is not condescending. Being a masterful storyteller is key. Practice telling people anecdotes and stories the way Reagan did. Dealing with criticism with humour helps. Reagan may have had problems distinguishing between fact and fiction but he knew how to captivate an audience and get them on his side. Make sure that the story that dominates the discussion is your story. Getting more airtime is important.

Few people can win with meagre space to get the message out. They both told bad stories. And they both lost, in the end. Kinsella holds Don Millar with high regard because of his contribution to Liberal advertising. He is a quiet but effect advertising agent. Kinsella demonstrates how Millar would edit text prepared for ads in They even prepared an ad about how Stockwell bought a revolver in protest to the gun registration law in Does spin win? Get your story straight and spin it hard.

Gandhi hated the media, reporters and photographers. Even the man behind Satyagraha had a negative opinion of that profession. Political consultants hate journalists for the same fundamental reasons. Journalists are naturally drawn to negativity, criticism and attacks. Warren Kinsella was a journalist, so he sympathizes with both sides. He, in fact, sees mainstream media as the boards in a hockey rink. They contain the players or political actors on the ice and restrict, control and guide the political discourse.

The media has agenda-setting power. The media is your friend, kind of. The boards are hard, the media are equally tough and will be there well after your political careers have blow in the wind. During the campaign, candidates will run low on funds etc. There are no shortages of problems. With the right shoot of the puck, with the right spin you can avoid the most troublesome obstacles on the ice. Research data shows that political consultants hate the media. But they need to recognize that they are bound together by the political discourse for eternity.

Consultants need to realize that the media can save your expensive campaign money. Lots of money. If you have a story to tell the media can tell it. You need to gain earned media coverage. You need to learn how to control the media. Never talk to a journalist like he or she is your friend. If you need a friend on the campaign get a fucking dog. With the 24 hour — 7 day news you must be quick or dead.

Never leave a charge unanswered. When you lay the ground rules with the journalist recognize that they will take a juicy story a thousand miles over following proper decorum. Proceed with caution! Blood, corpses, murder very intriguing. Get attention by using apocalyptic terminology because the media will lap it up.

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So should you. Relegate academics to serving coffee. Try not to be gaffe ridden. Unfortunately, it drains southwest to northwest into the Ocean. Day blamed someone else for his mistake instead of accepting responsibility. The Bottom Line? Mistake-making campaigners should, if the circumstances warrant, fess up, laugh at themselves, and then move on. When given choice journalists always go negative. Spin can only get you so far.

The media love to do research that contradicts your statements. TV exposes how they perspire, their body language and how they dilation. Work on your sound bite skills. The media is a special interest group aligned with the enemy. But they love to be spun. Journalists love writing about the horse race but not about the policy behind the fight.

In , only the Toronto Star wanted a Liberal government. But such editorials have virtually zero impact on voters. Newspaper endorsements do not have an effect on voter choice. It only appeared once on September 7, But it had a profound effect. Goldwater was being painted as insane. Advertisements should arouse basic emotions. Goldwater was a radical.

The ad counterbalanced his absurdity as a presidential candidate. The Democrats and their ad agencies wanted to show that Goldwater would have his finger on the nuclear button. Kinsella details how the famous ad was created. It was controversial, and effective. Goldwater underestimated the power of the spot. Campaigns should always try to get paid media. Paid media allows you full control of the messaging. Truman shook hands with over 15 to 20 million people. It was personal back then. Pre-owned Pre-owned. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review.

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Political Marketing Canadian Style? The Conservative Party and the 2006 Federal Election

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Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election [ James S. McLean] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The federal. Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election Inside the NDP War Room takes readers behind the scenes to investigate the nature of credibility in the.

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