SCALLYWAGS: Win Some - Lose Some (the PRANK trilogy Book 2)

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John Gall ,. Mark Howell Illustrator. Gall Illustrator. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Mark Howell ,. David Platt Editor. Daniel L.

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Akin Editor. Tony Merida Editor. Criswell ,. Jack Graham Contributor. Richard G. Lee Contributor. John F. MacArthur Jr. Mark Howell. Timothy Gratz ,. Toni Morrison. The Computer Game Murder Gidget 2. Cher Papa 3. Gidget Goes Hawaiian 4. Affairs of Gidget 5.

Gidget Goes to Rome 6. Gidget in Love 7. Gidget Goes Parisienne Ginger at Dogfish Bay 2. Ginger in Alaska 3. Ginger and the Turkey Raiders 4. Ginger and the Glacier Express 5. Ginger and the Witch Doctor Ginnie and the Mystery Cat Ginnie and the Mystery Light Janet: A Stock-Farm Scout 3. Norma: A Flower Scout Girl Scouts in the Magic City 7. The Mysterious Camper 3. The Camp's Strange Visitors The Girl Scouts' Problem Solved The Girl Scouts of the Cardinal Patrol The Girl Scouts at Mystery Mansion Shanty Brook Lodge 2.

Castle Camp 3. Toplofty Western PB 1. Welcome to Junior High 2. Face Offi 3. The New You 4. Rebel, Rebel 5. It's All in the Stars 6. The Ghost of Eagle Mountain 7. Odd Couple 8. Stealing the Show 9. Peer Pressure Falling in Like Mixed Feelings Drummer Girl Twins for President The Great Earth Day Affair Here Comes the Bride Star Quality Keeping the Beat On the Air.

Note: Although advertisements have been seen listing volumes , no information has been found to verify publication. Pollyanna at Six Star Ranch Pollyanna of Magic Valley Pollyanna and the Secret Mission Penn 1. Glenloch Girls 2. Glenloch Girls Abroad 3. Glenloch Girls' Club 4. Making Waves A. Chandler 2. Balancing Act Rebecca Larsen 3. Summer Dreams Bill Gutman 4. Out of Control Sam Bittman 5. Bareback Merilee Steiner 6. Thin Ice E.

Rees Prescription for Success: Amanda's Story 2. Front Page Exclusive: Jill's Story 3. Portfolio to Fame: Cameron's Story 4. Prime Time Attraction: Tracie's Story Thematic: Illustrating the Lord's Prayer 1. Nettie's Mission. Crossing Sweeper 3. Little Margery: "Thy Kingdom Come" 4. Margery's City Home 5. Rosy Conroy's Lesson 6. Ned Dolan's Garret. Troops in the Argonne 5. Quentin 6. Grace Harlowe with the American Army on the Rhine Grandpa's Little Girls 2. Grandpa's Little Girls and Their Friends 4. Grandpa's Little Girls' House-boat Party 5. Grandpa's Little Girls Grown Up The Graper Girls Go to College 3.

Growing Up with the Grapers 4.

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Beth and Emestine Graper Jean of Greenacres 3. The Greycliff Girls Ranching 8. The Greycliff Girls' Great Adventure Sendi Lee Mason and the Big Mistake 4. Sendi Lee Mason and the Great Crusade The Beginners 2. First Meet 3.

Nobody's Perfect 4. The Winner 5. Trouble in the Gym 6. Bad Break 7. Tumbling Ghosts 8. Captain of the Team 9. Crush on the Coach Boys in the Gym Mystery at the Meet Out of Control First Date World-Class Gymnast Nasty Competition Fear of Falling Gymnasts Commandos The New Coach? Gypsy from Nowhere 2. Gypsy and Nimblefoot 3. Gypsy and the Moonstone Stallion Alma at Hadley Hall 2. Alma's Sophomore Year 3. Alma's Junior Year 4. Alma's Senior Year The Astonishing Stereoscope 4.

Little Friends at Glenwood 2. Milly's whims Note: The books were reissued by Caldwell; later Caldwell advertisements show two additional volumes: Lilies and Thistledown and Uncle Joe's Thanksgiving. Grosset 1. Adventures of the Galloping Gas Stove 2. Adventures of the Traveling Table 4. Adventures of the Sailing Sofa 6. Little Flyaway 2. The Spoiled Picture 3. Fleda's Childhood 4. The Singing Girl 5.

Molly and the Wine Glass 6. The Twins Dragondrums Bantam PB 1. Kill the Story 2. Play Dead 3. Speak No Evil 4. Get the Picture 5. Too Hot to Handle 6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered The Ghost in the Attic 2. The Mystery of Misty Island Inn 3. The Ghost Ferry Summer to Summer Carol Ellis 2. Someday Soon Vicki Tyler 3. Waiting in the Wings Lisa Norby 4. Make a Wish Carol Beach York 5.

Spring Fever Abby Connell Note: Each book is two stories in one. The first shows the protagonist's life at age fourteen; the second, at eighteen. No Experience Required 2. The Main Attraction 3. At Your Service 4. Catch of the Day 5. Love To Go 6. Just Dreams Ring of the Ruby Dragon Jeannie Black 2. Talisman of Vadegarde Madeleine Simon 3. The Secret Sorceress Linda Lowery 4.

Isle of Illusion Madeleine Simon Hearts and Diamonds 2. The Four Jessicas 3. Wrong Name for Angela 4. A Boy of Her Own Just Be Gorgeous 2. Wonderful Me 3. Helen Grant at Aldred House 4. Helen Grant, Graduate 7. Helen Grant's Harvest Year Harriet P. Salt-Water Dick 6. The Little Maid of Oxbow The Coming of Hester 2. Hester's Wage-Earning Hilda of Grey Cottage 2. Hilda of Landis and Co. Hilda of the Green Smock 4. Hilda of the Three Star Ranch A Maid of the First Century 2. A Maid of King Alfred's Court 3.

A Daughter of the Union 5. In Doublet and Hose 6. A Maid of Salem Towne 7. Encore Lionel's Courage; or Clementine's Great Peril 4. Florence Rewarded; or Priscilla the Beautiful 5. Strange Times at Fairwood High 2. The Princess of Fairwood High 3. Triple Trouble at Fairwood High Her First Trip to a Lighthouse] 3. Her First Trip to Reindeer Farm] 8.

Honey Bunch and Norman in the Castle of Magic 9. Honey Bunch and Norman and the Painted Pony Point PB 1. The Fog 2. The Snow 3. The Fire Horseback Summer 2. Happy Trails 3. Good Sports 4. Surprise, Surprise! Horse Play 6. Riding Home Because of Lissa 2. The Problem with Sidney 3. Gillian's Choice 4. The Two Faces of Adam The Gang's All Here [ 32] 2. Dear Dr. Heartbreak [ 34] 3. Your Daily Horoscope [ 36] 4.


SCALLYWAGS: Win Some - Lose Some (the PRANK trilogy Book 2) - Kindle edition by Mark Howell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . See all books authored by Mark Howell, including Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam, and Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and more on Series By Mark Howell; Books By Mark Howell Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Thessalonians Scallywags: Win Some - Lose Some Prank: What Goes Around Comes Around.

So Long, Senior Year [ 38] Numbers in brackets indicate volume numbers within that series. Isabel Carleton's Year 2. The Heart of Isabel Carleton 3. Isabel Carleton in the West 5. Isabel Carleton at Home Isabelle Shows her Stuff 3. At Greenacres 2. The Queer Little Man 3. The Bottle Imp 4. Poppy's Pluck County Fair 2. Sweet Sixteen Jane Stuart, Twin 2.

Jane Stuart's Chum 3.

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Jane Stuart at Rivercroft 4. Jane Stuart, Comrade Snell 3. Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers 3. Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity 4. Janet Lennon and the Angels Island in the Day 2.

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The Honest Dollar 3. A Lesson for Janie 4. A Matter of Pride 5. New Horizons 6. Visitor from the Sea Jean Cabot at Ashton 2.

Chapters Interactive Stories. Downright Delinquents Chapter 4 (Diamonds) Gameplay.

Jean Cabot in the British Isles 3. Jean Cabot in Cap and Gown 4. Jean Cabot at the House with the Blue Shutters Jean Mary Solves the Mystery Jeanne 2. Jeanne's House Party 3. Jeanne's Happy Year 4. Jeanne at Rainbow Lodge Jeffrey's Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team 2.

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Du Iz Tak? An ideal first introduction to a lifelong favorite read. Note: Another Judy Jordan title, Judy Jordan's Mystery, may be a phantom title or a retitled version of volume 17 or We got zombies, collapsing houses, wild dogs, indifferent cats, food poisoning, pretty boats, characters from all works of life, and more guns than anyone really should have. One day he gets to try them, but alas, they tell him nothing.

Jeffrey's Ghost and the Fifth-Grade Dragon 3. Jeffrey's Ghost and the Ziffel Fair Mystery The Jennifer Wish 2. Jennifer is Eleven 5. High Heels for Jennifer Jenny Archer to the Rescue 6. Can Do, Jenny Archer The Mystery of the Shining Children 2. The Mystery of the Hidden Trap 3. The Secret of the Third Eye 4. The Secret of the Invisible City Sooner or Later 2. Waiting Games 3. Now or Never Jessica, the Heiress 3. Jessica Trent's Inheritance Joan of Juniper Inn Elliot 2.

Joan's Jolly Vacation Elliot 3. Club , may be related to this series. Anchor for Her Heart 2. Window on the Sea 3. Stars Above 4. With This Ring Joan Foster, Sophomore 3. Joan Foster, Senior 5. The Case of the Frightened Rock Star 2. The Case of the Counterfeit Racehorse 3.

The Case of the Fired-Up Gang 4. The Case of the Wild River Ride John and Betty's English History Visit 2. John and Betty's Scotch History Visit 3. John and Betty's Irish History Visit Johnny May 2. Jolly Good Times at Hackmatack 6. Jolly Good Times To-Day 8. A Jolly Good Summer Note: This is partly a thematic series. The first two volumes have one set of characters; volumes five and six have another set of characters.

The relationship between characters in the other four volumes is not known. A Dream for Susan 5. Love Taps Gently 6. Myself and I 7. The Stars Hang High 8. A Bright Tomorrow Here's Marny Moody PB 1. Joy Sparton of Parsonage Hill 2. Joy Sparton and the Vacation Mix-Up 3. Joy Sparton and the Money Mixup 4. Joy Sparton and Her Problem Twin 5. Joy Sparton and the Mystery in Room Seven Joy and Pam A-Sailing 6.

Joy and Pam as Seniors The Haunted Road The Trail of the Green Doll The Haunted Fountain The Clue of the Broken Wing The Phantom Fried The Discovery at the Dragon's Mouth The Secret Quest The Puzzle in the Pond The Hidden Clue The Pledge of the Twin Knights The Search for the Glowing Hand The Secret of the Sand Castle Judy of York Hall 2. Camp Ken Jocky 3. Judy's Prefect Year 4. Camp Conqueror Trusting in the Dark 2. Two of a Kind 3. Change of Heart 4. Tangled Web Junior High Jitters 2.

Class Crush 3. How Dumb Can You Get? The Eighth Grade to the Rescue 6. Eighth Grade Hero? Those Crazy Class Pictures 8. Starring the Eighth Grade 9. Who's the Junior High Hunk? The Big Date The Great Eighth Grade Switch The Revolt of the Eighth Grade Who's Haunting the Eighth Grade? Junior High Private Eyes Juno and Georgie 2. Mary Osborne 3. Hey World Here I Am Mystery at Snowshoe Mountain Lodge 2. Mystery at Bluff Point Dunes 3. Mystery at Camp Windingo Katie and Those Boys 2.

Katie for President 3. Katie's Baby-sitting Job Katrinka Grows Up 3. Peggy Keeps House 5. Nadya Makes Her Bow Kay Dale in "South Sea Siren" 3. Kay Dale in "Mexican Sunshine". Kayla O'Brien and the Dangerous Journey 2. Kayla O'Brien and the Runaway Orphans Rising Star 3. Hard To Get 4. Headliners 5. Double Trouble 6. Paris Nights Who Needs a Bratty Brother 2. Who's Afraid of Haggerty House 3. The Witches of Hopper Street The Rescue of the Red-Blooded Librarian 2.

The Deeds of the Desperate Campers 3. The Secret of the Haunted Doghouse 4. The Cry of the Captured Doll On the Air and Off the Wall 2. Rock Video Strikes Again 4. Can This Telethon Be Saved? Queen of the Sixth Grade 2. Choosing Sides 3. Mean Streak The Beast in Ms. Rooney's Room 2.

Fish Face 3. The Candy Corn Contest 4. December Secrets 5. In the Dinosaur's Paw 6. The Valentine Star 7. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs 8. Snaggle Doodles 9. Purple Climbing Days Say "Cheese" Sunny Side Up Pickle Puss Beast and the Halloween Horror Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck School Bus Cat 2. The Cooking Class 3. The Bully on the Bus 4. The Secret Notebook 5. The Field Day Mix-Up. Silent Partner 3. The Long Shot Meet Kirsten, An American Girl 2. Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story 4.

Changes for Kirsten: A Winter Story Toutou and Pussy 2. Kitty's Robins 3. The White Rabbit 4. Rudie's Goat 5. Kitty's Visit to Gramdmamma 6. Kitty's Scrap-book Little Kitty Brown and her Bible Verses 2. Kitty Brown and Little School 4. Kitty Brown Beginning to Think Thirteen 2. Fourteen and Holding 3. Fifteen at Last 4. Going on Twelve 5. Ten-and-a-Half Note: Girls' Series Companion lists volume 5, but publication information could not be verified in other sources. Knopf 1. Kristy's Queer Christmas 2.

Kristy's Surprise Party 3. Kristy's Rainy Day Picnic Kittyboy's Christmas 2. Mabel's Mishap 3.

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Worth His While A Room for Cathy 2. Miss Cathy Leonard 3. Cathy Leonard Calling 4. Cathy's Little Sister 5. Cathy and the Beautiful People 7. Letty's Sister 5. Letty's Treasure 6.

Mark Howell (Author of Exalting Jesus in 1 2 Thessalonians)

Letty's Good Luck 7. Letty at the Conservatory 8. Letty Grey, Heiress Let's Play Circus 3. The House with a Clock in Its Walls 2. The Figure in the Shadows 3. The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring Libby's Uninvited Guest 4. Libby Shadows a Lady My Horrible Secret 2. The Terrible Truth 3. My Secret Admirer 4. Twelve-Year-Old Vows Revenge Gloria at Boarding School 3. A Girl Called Ted Sally Found Out Judy Jordan Note: Another Judy Jordan title, Judy Jordan's Mystery, may be a phantom title or a retitled version of volume 17 or No publication information could be found for this title.

Tales You Wouldn't Believe Freckles Comes Home Linda Goes to the Hospital 2. Linda Travels Alone 3. Linda's First Flight 4. Linda Goes to a TV Studio 5. Linda Goes on a Cruise We Hate Everything But Boys 2. Is There Life After Boys? We Love Only Older Boys 4. My Heart Belongs to that Boy 5. All for the Love of that Boy 6. Dedicated to that Boy that I Love 7. Loving Two is Hard to Do Note: Advertisements for the series also list the following three "prequels", chronicling Linda's adventures at a younger age:. Want to Trade Two Brothers for a Cat 3. Tomboy Terror in Bunk Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer 5.

Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight Linda Craig and the Palomino Mystery 2. Linda Craig and the Clue on the Desert Trail 3. Linda Craig and the Secret of Rancho del Sol 4. Linda Craig and the Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon 5. Linda Craig and the Ghost Town Treasure 6. Linda Craig and the Mystery in Mexico At this point, the books were revised and reissued in paperback editions by Minstrel-Pocket, with new titles added:. The Palomino Mystery 2.

The Clue on the Desert Trail 3. The Secret of Rancho Del Sol 4. The Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon 5. The Mystery in Mexico 6. The Ghost Town Treasure 7. The Haunted Valley 8. Secret of the Old Sleigh 9. The Emperor's Pony The Phantom of Dark Oaks The Search for Scorpio The Golden Secret 2.

The Crystal Trail 5. Anything for Kelly Everybody's Favorite Kathy in Charge Linda Lane 2. Linda Lane Helps Out 3. Linda Lane's Plan 4. Linda Lane's Problems 6. Sidney de Grey; or The Rival Schoolboys. Cousin Clara; or The Mislaid Jewels. Peter Clinton; or The Story of a Boy The Case of the Diamond Eye 2.

What Happened to Candy Carmichael 3. Valerie Valentine is Missing 4. Dark Treasure 2. Magic Island Addie's Country Home 2. Addie's Visitors 3. Working for Mama 4. Addie's Brother 5. Addie's Birthday 6. The Sail on the River 7. Addie's Story Book 8. Laura's Garden 9. The Lost Child Working for Papa The Magic Lantern