Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: - Teil VI - (German Edition)

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: - Teil VI - (German Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: - Teil VI - (German Edition) book. Happy reading Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: - Teil VI - (German Edition) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: - Teil VI - (German Edition) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: - Teil VI - (German Edition) Pocket Guide. That is why I am not a proponent of the concept of unconditional basic income. I am, however, very much in favor of decent wage agreements, secure and lasting jobs, employee participation in decision-making and the examination of the social justification for claims and payments. The Hartz IV system includes a number of levers intended to pressure recipients into looking for a job, with many of those levers leaving Hartz IV recipients even less well-off. Leftist parties like the Greens and the Left Party, two groups with which the SPD could ultimately form a governing coalition following the September election, have demanded that those levers be eliminated.

Do you agree with the demand? Schulz: No, not completely. If there is unfairness within the Hartz IV system, then we must have the possibility to check it on a case-by-case basis. Schulz: To promote the construction of social housing. I think the law passed to slow down the rise of rents is a good idea, but it doesn't work to a sufficient degree, in part because the CDU and the CSU have blocked necessary improvements. For a long, long time, we have ceded the entire real estate branch to speculators.

That was wrong. It was also unfortunate that state subsidies for residential construction were long frowned upon as government charity. Having a place to live is a fundamental right and the state must establish a framework that ensures that apartments are affordable. But it is correct that we need more courage than we have shown in recent years. Schulz: The construction of social housing and the attempt to support families seeking to buy their own homes are all projects from the s and '70s. It all sounds old-fashioned, but it is actually completely modern.

Schulz: To not think tactically. To not constantly think: If you say this, then you'll be in trouble. And if you say that, the others will be unhappy. People are tired of that kind of thing. I want to liberate myself from that kind of thinking. It is also courageous to occasionally admit that there are certain things one can't do.

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Or to say: I don't yet have a comprehensive tax plan. But I'm working on it. Schulz: No idea. I hope that we will be able to convince a lot of people that we are the best party in this period of upheaval.

Brave New Europe

Provide feedback about this page. The blankets were a little old and crappy, view of garden was of a trash heap I think due to construction. He talks about Germany will stand up for its liberal values against Trump and US aggression. Hywel points out in Welsh courts you can choose to give evidence in Welsh or English with simultaneous translation at hand. German Edition Dec Millions of people believe that things aren't fair in this country.

We will do better than current surveys show. And those surveys are, in fact, trending in a positive direction. Schulz: I don't know.

I am only thinking about how I can win over a broad majority for me and for my policies. But then at the same time she acts as though she were also a Social Democrat. I don't have this hydra-headed nature. In the end, people will vote for the Social Democratic original. Schulz: People must once again be able to trust that Social Democratic politicians understand the lives they live. I can say that of myself.

I know their problems: the problems of those who work hard, who must slave away. The couples who have two incomes but who can nevertheless barely cover their rent. The people who get stuck in traffic on their way to work. The people who have to wait in vain for a train to come just as they are supposed to be picking up their children from daycare.

I can say with a clear conscience to those people: I understand your problems. And I will do all I can to decrease them. Schulz: Yes. That one shouldn't run such a campaign under any circumstances. What baseness! The overstepping of all bounds necessary for the fundamental consensus of democracy! It takes my breath away. Schulz: Very much so.

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A person who brings the former head of the right-wing extremist Breitbart News into the National Security Council is gambling with the safety of the Western world. Donald Trump must be taken seriously. He is fulfilling his dangerous campaign promises. Schulz: That astonished me. If we, like Horst Seehofer, no longer judge the content of people's actions, but merely their form, then we are entering dangerous times indeed. Schulz: With a real strengthening of the EU. Trump has a clear goal: the division of Europe and the destruction of the European domestic market.

Das Leben der Anderen wins Audience Award

The fact that Brexit propagandist Nigel Farage was the first European he received in his tower speaks volumes. That is why we must strengthen the European domestic market and work even more closely together in Europe. That is absolutely compulsory for Germany. Schulz: Trump is the freely elected president of the U. But she cannot remain silent in the face of actions that we cannot accept.

That took courage. Merkel did not join him at the time. If Trump now begins to take the wrecking ball to our set of values, we must say clearly: That is not our approach. Schulz: Such a generalized assessment of people is unacceptable. I find it shocking, particularly for a country which, more than any other, always stood for freedom, tolerance and immigration. For the United States of all countries to issue such a decree shows that we are living through an epochal shift.

If we aren't careful, the elementary foundations of our pluralistic democracy will be threatened. Schulz: It is impossible to swear an oath to the German Basic Law without realizing that our constitution is among the most liberal constitutions in the world. As the head of government in such a country, I would stand up to all those who call into question this free, open and tolerant model of society. Schulz: I would make it clear to him: Your approach will never be our approach. What the U.

We should approach this clash with self-confidence and say: We have a different societal model. We have a different understanding of democracy, as do the majority of voters in the U. We must now, in the 21st century, protect democracy, one which rests on fundamental rights for all, regardless of skin color, gender, race or religion. Nothing less than that is at stake. Maurice Weiss. Horand Knaup. Related Topics. Discuss this issue with other readers! Show all comments Page 1. Schulz's answer to every question This shows you what a cloud Kuckoo land he has been living in the past 10 years while in Brussels.

And the SPD thinks this man is going to build confidence and get votes. This man [ This man welcomes even more illegal migrant muslims and tells us that MORE of them will help bring us all "faith in the dream of Europe. It will be a very, very happy day when the SPD gets thrown out of the Bundestag and this loser gets sent back to wherever on the Rhineland he crawled out from.

Schulz or Merkel, neither understand, that it is their policies which have led to the growth of such parties as the AfD. Both speak about democracy, but obviously have no intention of introducing it to Germany. Instead of [ Instead of representing the people they have been chosen to lead, they just offer a choice of party programmes.

Ben Wray: State Aid – Not Immigration – Is the Debate About the EU We Should Have Had

The Bundes-. Republic claims, all legislative power comes from the people, for this reason there are elections. What is forgotten, is that true democracy is not just through the people, by the people, but most important also, for the people. This last point has never been treated fittingly by either candidate, or the parties they belong to.

Germany's elections will be in Sept and the voters will decide, hopefully based on full information as to the plans for Germany's future, also as lead member of the EU.

Hartz-4-Kinder: 5 Probleme

With respect to USA, the American voters have decided, [ Schulz, thus the negative comments here and in other communications. As long as he does not expect the US policies to be changed, all will be well. Should he become the next Chancellor, then the negative comments may come to haunt him. The US Press is starting to pick up on his comments on Pres. Perhaps the election campaign will bring unpleasant surprises. International endorsements wanted??? He talks about Germany will stand up for its liberal values against Trump and US aggression. The usual double speak.

Nothing [ Nothing about why German tanks and troops are on the Russian border. The hypocrisy of democracy as usual. The Russian s are right when they assert the US has to find a reason to maintain the largest military industrial complex in the World. The biggest danger to the World as it is now , as Dwight Eisenhower said it would be , uncontrollable.

Europe lacks the 'courage' or will to stand up to the US and stop this senseless Russia bashing which is without foundation. Ms Nuland can safely say F Oh my such delusions of grandeur. While the self-righteous moralizing tone towards Trump may boost German superiority complex, it will not change the fact that the EU and Germany have just signed a deal with Libya to return [ While the self-righteous moralizing tone towards Trump may boost German superiority complex, it will not change the fact that the EU and Germany have just signed a deal with Libya to return desperate refugee boats back to lawless refugee camps in Libya.

A clear violation of the Geneva convention which Merkel is so fond of. A clear violation of international law. Pity the Der Spiegel journalist did not ask Schulz about it. Share your thoughts. Sign in Register. Event Schedule.

Independence never an inevitability

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Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: Ein Tatsachenbericht (Teil IV) (German Edition) Books In This Series (6 Books) Ein Tatsachenbericht (Reihe in 6 Bänden). Mein Leben mit Hartz IV: Ein Tatsachenbericht (Teil II) (German Edition) [Claudia der genauen Umstände ihres Lebens unter den Vorgaben von Hartz IV. ISBN ; ISBN ; Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9.

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