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Is France's famous LU Petit Beurre biscuit under threat?
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Find out more here. With up-to-date knowledge of their local culture, they are ideally placed to help students in UK schools develop conversational skills and understand other cultures. SpeakShake is an interactive website to practice face-to-face foreign languages by connecting two Native Speakers together via minute structured video-calls.

Each assisted conversation is integrated with content relating to culture and current affairs to strengthen oral practice and improve cross-cultural communication. Connect with others, share resources, events, and professional development, all for free! Discover and make the most of this great collaborative platform by joining us here. Joutes Oratoires Universitaires Final 12 March As part of the Francophonie month celebrations, successful students from all around the UK who participated in thought-provoking debates throughout the Autumn will face each other one last time.

Vive la Francophonie! Quiz 17 - 25 March Make the most of the Francophonie celebrations by registering to our special quiz and win books, cinema tickets, free French course, and other exciting prizes! Virtual French Days: now available in your classroom! Young Learners Tell your pupils who need an extra boost to sign up for a revision crash course this Easter!

Upgrade your French! Employ a language assistant in your school Language assistants are native speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Irish. Speakshake, fun online video platform to do language exchanges! We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Both of these sections have been, and continue to be, pilot tested in multiple versions in several Wisconsin high schools and on University of Wisconsin System campuses.

This pilot testing allows for improving individual items and helps each campus establish its own placement test cut-off scores. Test scores are often used in combination with other placement criteria, such as number of years of French study, grade received, and when the last French class was taken, to determine actual placement. Each selection is to be completed by all students.

The expectation is that students who have had one or two years of high school French will answer fewer questions correctly than students who have had three or more years of high school French. All sections are entirely in French except for the instructions and consist of multiple choice questions, most with four choices each.

The test is scored as number of correct answers, with no penalty for guessing. Each item has only one correct answer. This number correct score is converted to a standard score between and for the purposes of score reporting. Ample time is allowed to answer questions.

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Sixty 60 minutes are allowed to complete the Placement Test. The reading passages consist of complete and meaningful texts drawn from authentic sources, including newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and short stories. Only minor editing has been done for length or to simplify particularly difficult vocabulary or structures. This portion of the test was designed to stress variety by including a sampling of different topics, functions, situations, styles, level of difficulty, lengths of passages, and types of questions. Questions were constructed to encourage thinking and intelligent guessing.

Some questions require students to understand factual information. Other questions require students to go beyond simple decoding at the sentence level, to skim and scan for general ideas, understand logical development of ideas and sequential ordering of events, analyze and synthesize, make inferences and deductions, and also to interpret point of view and tone.

In short, the reading section measures the understanding of written French and the reading skills needed to perform well in university courses. Because the scope of the reading test is so broad and the items so varied, it is difficult to select one model of a reading item to represent the entire test. The following sample items may be helpful to you in explaining the test to your students. Depuis le 25 juillet.

Ils souhaitaient voir une centaine de commandes. Il y a eu personnes qui sont mortes en Concorde. Il est optimiste. Il est agressif. Il est ironique. Il est nostalgique. Commissaire de police b. Chanteur c.

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  • Petits plats de résistance!

Jardinier d. Ils vivent longtemps. The language usage section of the exam consists of two modules: sentence completion and logical rejoinders. The sentence completion module is the more traditional of the two, in which sentences are provided from which one or two words are missing. From four choices students pick the one form that is correct and appropriate to the context of the sentence. Contextual clues are strongly evident, so that items are functionally full and semantically clear. The section tests a variety of morphological and syntactic forms, including adjective and article usage and agreement, verb forms and uses, pronoun forms and uses, expressions for comparison, negation, and interrogation.

Some lexical choices are also required with verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and adverbs. The various test objectives are represented on the sentence completion section of the French test in the following proportions:.

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I saw them very close up. We hope that this placement test, along with the DPI curriculum guidelines for foreign language testing, will provide impetus toward more communicative and proficiency-based teaching. There were too many characters and each character received their own chapter. Find out more here. The innocence and simplicity of Marie Antoinette's amusements did not, however, redeem her in the eyes of those who noted the expenses of her endeavors.

The following items are representative of the kind of questions students are asked to answer. X: Quand vas-tu voir tes amis de Grenoble? Me les donne b. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews.

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More filters. Sort order. It starts almost as a series of short stories, with diverse characters in different situations.

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Le quiz des petits (French Edition) eBook: Martine Dubois: oqyqeqyk.ga: Kindle Store. Le quiz Larousse des tout-petits (French Edition) [Sandra Lebrun, Larousse] on oqyqeqyk.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Une boîte au couvercle.

It is cleverly worked. We have Sandrine who works as an interviewer in a local government unemployment office — but who harbours a desire to run a restaurant. She is an excellent cook.


We have Antoine — one of her clients — a former teacher, who is desperate to stay unemployed, but who she persuades to train as a chef. He is totally into green produce and saving the planet his commitment is why he has fallen out with former employers. He lives in a hostel for unemployed men, where two of the inhabitants are very good cooks indeed one specialises in Tamil cuisine, and one in Senegalise cuisine. The hostel is under threat, and about to be sold to a property developer. And, yet another thread, there is a not terribly moral estate agent, Samuel, who impacts the lives of several of the characters in the book — and keeps on appearing.

And they do.

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Multi-ethnic Montmartre is a key character in Little Culinary Triumphs. All the action is set in the area… and it comes through loud and clear. It is a part of Paris that never fails to enthral. Little Culinary Triumphs is a book that brings together many strands of humanity into a definitely heartwarming story.

Little Culinary Triumphs is a book that will delight you. It is funny, and will leave you with the feeling of wanting to get up and hug someone. At least, I felt that way at the end of it. It is a whimsical book, it is also profound at times rarely though , all in all it is the perfect book to be read when feeling down and about.

The story takes place in Montmartre - multi-ethnic neighbourhood, where cultures meet, mingle, and sometimes collide as well. It is the place perfect for the senses - Little Culinary Triumphs is a book that will delight you. It is the place perfect for the senses - all of them actually, but more so when it comes to the taste buds. Sandrine, one of the central characters, works in an employment office, helping people find jobs. Under this surface is a world-class cook waiting to blossom and realize her dream of opening a restaurant. A bunch of weird and eccentric characters come together, thanks to Sandrine to open the restaurant - Antoine, an unemployed professor; the giant Senegalese, a magical chef, a psychologist, and a Kama Sutra expert as well.

In all of this, is a newspaper magnate, upto no good at all. Pujol's prose is hilarious. It sneaks up quite cleverly on you.